Service of Oil Field Equipment

"Where we are, there's no problem!"

This is the main motto for the "Kuper" team, which has positioned itself as an engineering company with its own service department. Because of the increasing production volumes of the main product - Modular Cluster Pumping Stations (MCPS) based on Horizontal Pumping Units (HPS) some another mottos were added, no less positive and team uniting than the previous one - "Together we are power!", "Go ahead and never give up! "and others.

But, nevertheless, the slogan "Where we are, there's no problem!" in spite of its "prestigious" experience, it has been the most urgent for us up to nowadays. This motto is recognized not only by all of our colleagues in the team, but also by our regular Customers.

Many of them know that we not only solve problems of utilization and oil recovery increasing of reservoirs on the production fields, but also other issues and problems related to non-standard equipment service, imported pumps and automation systems.

The first Customers of our service were the West Siberian oil companies: "JV Chernogorskoe, Ltd." (Nizhnevartovsk), JSC "Slavneft-Megionneftegas" (Megion), JSC "OC Magma" (Nizhnevartovsk), companies like "Centrilift »,«REDA» addressed to our company for servicing pumps. Working with these companies gave assurance to our team service, which had positive results in the following projects in servicing at "LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft, Ltd.", "Rosneft-Yganskneftegas, Ltd.", JSC "Rosneft-Yuganskneftegas", JSC "RITEK", JSC "Tomskgazprom", "Lukoil-ZS, Ltd.", etc .; in Kazakhstan LLP "Zhaikmunai" LLP «ADA-OIL», LLP "Kazpolmunay" and others.

Nowadays the average mean time of pumping units before the predictive and preventive maintenance activities (PPR?), during pumping-over of  corrosive liquid, is 16 000 hours, the maximum mean time to failure without major repairs is 28 000 hours, at the same time efficiency of the plant falls by only 11%. This is not a bad performance in comparison with pumps of other manufacturers using in the reservoir pressure maintenance system.

At the moment the equipment fund of the reservoir pressure maintenance system, which is on the "Kuper" service, is 114 units (pumps of our own production and equipment from other manufacturers).

Each pump unit and MCPS of our production is accompanied by customer service from the loading equipment at the warehouse of "Kuper Ltd." and carry out erection supervision works prior to initial operation in the fields. Depending on the completing units of MCPS commissioning works ranging from 2 to 5 days. In the region of West Siberia customer service's arrival time to the object is from 2 to 12 hours, because the headquarters were organized in Surgut and production facilities were leased in Nefteyugansk. The time of arrival at the facility in Tatarstan is between 2 to 4 hours, at any other point of Russia and the near abroad is from 1 to 3 days.

At the moment Oil and Gas Equipment’s Customer service of "Kuper Ltd." is headed by Yarullin Ildus Jakubovich appointed to this position in 2013. 15 people are involved in the service: electricians, instrumentation and automation engineers, mechanics, welding unit. The service is equipped with modern technology and equipment that allows diagnosis and audit of the equipment at Customer’s site. These include: heat-visor «SKF», vibrometers TV200, vibration analyzers VibroVision; counters "Alpha" to read active and reactive power, operating currents; the flow meter "KRONNE" is used for measuring of supply unit; centering units held aligners «SKF».

Service conducts a comprehensive audit of the equipment:

Technical audit - the reading of temperature, pressure-consumables, vibrational parameters of the equipment, the energy characteristics definition of the unit efficiency, an analysis of the machines, making recommendations for further operation.

Servicing - maintenance support, current repair, centering of equipment units, a modernization of all home-produced and imported equipment; installation, commissioning, operation control, total overhaul of all types of horizontal centrifugal pumps, control systems and instrumentation and automation tools.

The service is equipped with five cars:

 Three cars "IVECO" - carry out the transportation of an equipment, components from the service center to the facilities;

 Mitsubishi L200 - passes off-roads at facilities in the region of the Western Siberia;

 Mitsubishi L200 - provides teams to travel to facilities in the central part of Russia.

Every year Customers have a growing need to provide quality services at the service of Oil and Field Equipment. Some require inexpensive prompt service, and sometimes use equipment using rental scheme. Soon our customer service will organize the service of "old" park of plunger pumps (ANT-type), centrifugal pumps in Western Siberia, manifold units, measuring systems.

There are trainings that conducted by professional instructors about the equipment in our company. There is also training for all staff to have the right of self-production work at especially hazardous industrial facilities.

People turn to us, and we do not let them down! After all, where we are there is no problem!