EPC Contracting

Kuper implement EPC projects combining all the stages starting from front end engineering design up to manufacturing, assembly, installation and start-up.

EPC contract is an international form of contract applied in engineering when customer hires a contractor in order to execute all scope of work. That's very convenient because there is no need to search for separate contractor for each of the stage of development. Design and implementation of project is a big challenge but provides a guarantee of compliance with operating conditions.


Main advantages of EPC contract

• Fixed price and terms of the project, pre-written in the contract;
• EPC contracting company regulate the activities of many providers who execute project (from designers to contractors);
• "Single window" system application, which greatly simplifies the management in the sector;
• Customer reduces the number of necessary contacts and resolve all issues only directly with the general contractor;
• Terms of EPC-contract stimulate the contractor to carry out all its obligations under the conditions mentioned in the contract.

EPC - contract is typically used in projects where an experienced contractor can reliably estimate the amount of your expenses, as well as the degree of risk.
In order to implement the EPC contracts the contractor should have the necessary intellectual and technical resources. This is not a typical project and the complexity of the conditions in which the project will be implemented, the uncertainty in the amount and/or scope of the work.
Kuper Ltd. has all the necessary resources and the quality that allows us to specialize in the implementation of EPC contracts in the field of oil and gas arrangement. We offer our services and invite you to cooperate in this regard. We guarantee high quality services with strict compliance with the terms implementation of projects.