Control station

Control stations which are made by our company intended to control the pumping unit, processing of signals and control - measuring devices and providing emergency protection a pump unit.

. The control system can be made on the basis of programmable logic controllers (PLC) firms such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff and any other firm by Customer's request. PLC allows you to store the parameters of the HPS in the memory and transfer via the interface RS-485 or Ethernet all the technological parameters of the pump unit to the upper automation level of the Customer. The control station can be also equipped with a frequency drive Danfoss, Mitsubishi, ABB, Schnider Electric and other Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) at the Customer's request. The algorithms of pumping unit control provide PID (automatic maintenance of a predetermined flow rate, discharge pressure by correcting the frequency of the electric engine and controlled shut-off valve). And because of that, it is possible to keep up the work of pump units at the zone of maximum efficiency (which means - minimal energy consumption), because of the necessary engine rotation speed of a pump unit which provides specified flow rate and discharge pressure is automatically selected by the system. A predetermined pressure and flow rate will be provided by automation at an output of installation, and there will be changes in conditions of injection, such as changing of well's injection capacity.

CU provides a protection operation at the time of a deviation from the nominal technological parameters:

  • low / high intake pressure at HPS;
  • low / high pressure at the discharge line of the HPS;
  • increased HPS vibration ;
  • high temperature in a thrust camera;
  • high temperature of a pump section;
  • control of the load current and voltage in phases;
  • high temperature of electric engine's stator;
  • high temperature of electric engine's bearings;
  • the protection system of a frequency drive and an engine.

A frequency drive provides a safe soft start and shutdown of a pump unit, protects an engine from high current loads, eliminates the possibility of a sharp percussion mechanical loads for the shaft and a thrust camera of the pump, smooths off defects of power supply at technological installations. Also, the frequency drive provides the following protection modes:

  • Electronic thermal engine protection system against overload.
  • Monitoring the temperature of a radiator ensures that the frequency drive will shut down if the temperature reaches 100 ° C.
  • FC (frequency drive) is provided with protection against short circuit failure in an engine connection terminals U, V, W.
  • Protection against loss of supply phase.
  • Provides protection against ground short circuit in an engine connection terminals U, V, W and etc.