We invite you to the "Kazakhstan International Exhibition. Oil and Gas "in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The "Kuper" company invites you to visit our stand at the international exhibition KIOGE - 2015 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, pavilion №9A, stand №A52 / 1 ("Atakent" at 42 Timiryazev st.) from 6 to 9 October 2015 .

Happy Oilman!

A trip to the historic sites of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In a well - known song it says that birthday, unfortunately, happens only once a year. The 13th birthday of "Kuper, Ltd." has not come yet, but a great weather, coupled with the desire of the team to relax and get positive emotions, made us to have a wonderful trip.

С праздником Ураза-байрам

Поздравляем всех мусульман с праздником Ураза-байрам