Kuper in Tatar language means “the Bridge”. We make “invisible bridges” between science and industry, between producers and Customers, between dream and reality. There are no barriers for implementation of your ideas and order processing for our team. We are ready to treat each Customer in individual way. Fast decision making and fine execution of orders, the professionalism in solving tasks and a wide range of services and products, the originality of products and compliance with modern requirements are our competitive advantages. They allow us to feel our skills comparing leaders of oil and gas servicing industry. The advantage of our company is that we are not affiliated with major manufacturing companies of equipment and technology that provides a Customer better choice without lobbying one product to them.

Our projects

Kuper Company for the period of 2005-2009 had equipped by ESP (electric sentrifugial pumps) and screw pumps the following number of oil wells in Lithuania 12 units,, in Kazakhstan-42 units., in Indonesia-4 units. We have supplied component parts to Germany for first in the countries of Europe Union screw pump unit with lower drive.

Based on the individual projects has been produced and installed to the customers MCPS (Mobile Cluster Pumping Station) for systems of Maintenance of Strata Pressure on the base of Goryzontal Pumping Units for the following Companies : JSC RITEK - 1 unit and 5 units are in production process, TOO «Kazpolmunai»-3 units, TOO «Tolkinneftegas» - 3 units, TOO «Kazneftehim-Kopa»-1 unit (with 2 pumps in modular package), Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft LLC, JSC NK Magma, Globus Ltd.


Our Company cooperates with JSC Tatneft divisions since 2002. Together with specialists innovations the centrifugial pumps for water injection in maintenance of strata pressure of oil fileds were developed and produced, after that the Modular Packages on their basis were made.

We аrе not limited by resctrictions when choosing the variant of solving questions pointed by our customers - that's why every project appears to be individual, and the materials and technologies are being chosen on the base of customer's vision and for definite goals.


Kuper company provides hign culture of shipment and maintainance for the oil industry. The wide range of company offers vary from optimal equipment for the pointed conditions and to its maintenance.

Our company prefers strategy of long term fruitful cooperation with our clients and always finds optimal ways of solving complicated problems which occur during oil production on the fields. Kuper Ltd owns outstanding experience for maintenance of water injection systems and imported equipment from any producers.